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Wrong Perspective!

Salaam Sayyidi and Salaam to all respected members

I would like to address an important issue. Non Muslims often have a complaint that Muslims consider them as enemies branding them as Kafirs, and I have noticed that this statement is somewhat true.

Most Muslims I know of hold such view i.e. consider non Muslims as enemies.

I was in a mosque the other day. The Imam was making  supplication,

“Fansurna ‘ala-l qawmil kaafirin”,  once, twice and then multiple times, while everyone saying “amen amen” in a way like they are about to go to a war against non Muslims!

I am not sure if Muslims of other countries hold the same perspective.  But if we are to live in harmony with the rest of the world, people of different religion and views around us, how can we manage to do that when we are hostile to them in the first place! I was wondering how we could resolve this problem.



Salaam Sayyyidi  and Salaam to all respected members

I have got a few questions.

If I were sinful right now or maybe for many years, am I away from Allah?

Similar questions regarding the inhabitants of Hell, would they be away from Allah’s love?

I have learnt a new thought that no matter what, where or how we are, good or bad, people of paradise or hell fire, we are always facing to Allah. Everything in the cosmos is facing that Direction. Perhaps anything other than Allah is facing to Allah.


Salaam Sayyidi, Salaam to all

I was wondering
-what is death?
-what does it mean to taste death?
-what is Jannat that we are encouraged to achieve?
-what is Jahannam from which we are told to save ourselves ?

A thank-you note and a question

Salaam Sayyidi and Salaam to everyone

1.Sayyidi,last year you wrote a sentence:

“Sadly for me to be truthful is far more suited than being pious”

I could not understand it that time. Now I am beginning to see the depths of these words. All I can say is thank you.

2. It has been more than eight years I have been performing five times prayer a day.
But all these years I saw nothing.
I experienced nothing.
No sign of any Divine Ray.
All I see is my Self repeating verses of the Quran, making Dhikr, standing up,bowing down and so on.

I feel like a hypocrite, Nafs thinks that it is doing an extemely pious deed while there is no connection with Allah whatsoever.

What might the possible reason behind this? Any hint?


Salaam Sayyidi and Salaam everyone,

There have been many VIOLENT Jihad (bloodshed,use of weapons etc.) during the time of the Prophet.
I was wondering WHO are supposed to participate in VIOLENT Jihad?



Being in the company of Allah


Dara once wrote to me:

” We think being with Allah is night-long prayer we do.
Sometimes to be in the company of Allah means to be lonely for 20 years or 15 years, just experience that duration, for Allah’s company that is mere blink of an eye. ”

I wrote it here in hope that someday some lonely and confused minds might find a great solace from these words.


On Bismillah

Salaam Sayyidi and Salaam to everyone.

I have a question regarding Bismillah.
It is mentioned in this pattern:”Bi-Ism-Allah”(With/by/by means of Allah’s Name, Ism).
And not “Bi-Allah” (by means of/with/by/in Allah).

I would like to know about the significance of Name.

Is there answers available for the usage of this pattern?

On Qidam again

Salaam Sayyidi and Salaam everyone

Two questions arised on Qidam again.

Given that each soul in presence of Divine made decision then and there in Qidam: To love Allah, or to love other-than-Allah. And given that this life is an investigation/projection of that primordial decision,

1 . Are we going back to Qidam again?
In other words , are Qidam, Akhirah, Azal the same terms?
2. What could be the wisdom to place us in this marvellous planet earth? We could still be staying in Qidam, loving Allah or other than Allah being in there! Why this short life span upon this planet?