Guidelines For Posting (Extensions from June 2004)

1. The purpose of this group is solely to provide an archive of
research and Q&A for future Sufi students to learn from. Therefore
please make sure your post is in concordance to the needs of the Sufi
students. If you need to have friends or chitchat or just say hello to
some Sufis you may try alt.sufi for those purposes.
2. Zero tolerance for mockery of any religion or spiritual belief. All
such posts will be deleted and the authors will be banned. Everyone is welcomed. However remember this is not a comparative religion group, so we want to focus on generating learning material for Sufi students.
3. No profanity.
4. All written materials have certain share of errors. If you notice
errors please cut & paste from the original and politely mention to
the author if you see problems and propose solutions & corrections.
5. No recruiting for secretive organizations, if you are member of an organization and post to support its membership, you need to divulge the name and purpose of organization and your role in it.
6. Gender Deception: To post as opposite gender to find new friends is absolutely out of question and out of character.
7. Hate Posts: Men who hate the company of women or considering them as inferiors, those who hate other races or religions and use the forum to push their hate agenda.
8. This forum is financial transaction free i.e. there are no financial transactions allowed for the owners and operators of this forum based upon the materials presented.
9. Right To Be Forgotten: If you posted and decide later on that you need that post removed, it is your right and we comply in full respecting the EU’s high court ruling:


However this has to be within the context of few posts, if you had used this forum for years and suddenly decided you need all your posts removed, we might or might not comply.

Dara O Shayda

2 thoughts on “Policy”

  1. Ramadan al Mubarak,
    I’d like to know what it actually
    indicates by the word ‘Jannat un
    For example, In Quran al Kareem,
    ”Waj’alni min warasati Jannatin
    That is a prayer of Prophet
    Ibrahim(peace be upon him).
    Again i found in Salawat Iksir
    Azam by Sultan al awliya Sheikh
    Qadir Jilani invoking blessings,
    ”Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina wa
    Nabiyyina Muhammadin salatan
    tudkhiluna biha ‘Jannatin
    Na’eem’-e bila hisab.”

    My point of question is:
    Jannatul Firdous is the grandest and best jannat. Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam taught to ask for Jannatul Firdous. But here i found supplications are made for Jannatun Nai’eem!

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