Dentate Gyrus: Familiar Places (cont. Space discussion with Shakir)


If my memory avails, in our brain there are neurons firing when we are in a familiar space, so we feel at home. Again brain being a network of neurons, I thought the network concept is applicable.

I suspect the neurons that fire for familiar spaces, when damaged by dementia, cause the patient fright and the feel lost and they run in panic to go back home, usually the phrase they use.

The neuronal ionic and electrical signaling across the axon and dendrites are massively complex, the signaling is not trivial as taught in college courses, it is one amazing molecular and particle machinery, and imagine that for the entire brain. Therefore I thought perti nets modeling the transform of data between nodes, would be the most general computing-transform we could imagine.

What these mean is that our sense of space, being in the same space, is a network concept in neuronal implementation.

Dentate Gyrus is programmed into our Genome and genome of many other living beings on this planet. This is a unique observation, a very spiritual observation (Kashf or uncovering) that Rahma (Mercy) of Allah is printed in archive form in language of nucleotides, in letter form, within our genes, so that we are engineered in such way to find similar spaces and rest in them  free of fright.

16:80 It is Allah Who made your habitations homes of rest and quiet for you

Based upon these thoughts an earlier write up:

The dense network of neurons and their massive signaling machinery coupled with actual programming of our genome, engineer a feeling and behavior of being in space, and be in the same-space, and that is Rahma.



Sidi Dara,

Could you please provide the original ‘Arabic’ version of Quranic Tafseer ‘Lataif Al Isharat’ by the Grand Sheikh Abul Qasim al- Qushayri (r)?

In Pdf format?

Response to Space, for Shakir

From Prof. John Baez (I asked him  for a quick note):


There are many different theories of space, so there are many different answers to the question “what is space?” But if you ask about the role played by space in general relativity, I’d say that Einstein discovered that space is not so important: we should instead think about spacetime, because this is something that different observers can agree on. His theory of spacetime says that it is a differentiable manifold with a Lorentzian metric. So, it’s a kind of entity, with very definite properties, that are nicely described using math.

Really explaining what I just said would take about a year or two! I don’t want to spend my time explaining general relativity anymore, since I wrote a book about it, and an expository paper.