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Egypt’s Uprising, 5 Years Later & Egypt Russian industrial zone in Suez

Salaam Everone

On this day five years ago, tens of thousands of Egyptians flooded into Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

Remember? today there is no whimper of that specially by Egyptians.

So what happened? What was the purpose for that fake upraising, who was behind the manufactured turmoil:

The decision to build the Russian industrial zone in Egypt was reached by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi in 2014.

When you go to a gathering of Muslims or in the mosque or some community center and bearded men and veiled women cry the verses of Qur’an for Jihad to kill your neighbor and his woman and children, be sure you are with Munafiqun (Male Hypocrites) and Munafiqat (Female Hypocrites), Arab Iranian Pakistani American convert Indian …

Equally when you are approached by Facebook, US presidents and congressmen trumpeting the virtues of democracy for Muslims, you are again with the hypocrites and liars.

Person who cares for you and your family, will not ask you to kill your neighbor under the banner of Jihad nor democracy. He or she would advise you to better your neighborhood, educate the children in your community, build and cultivate.



An Egyptian man holding a sign thanking Facebook for the uprising! Can you imagine the CEO and shareholders of Facebook laughing their hearts out while planning their IPO! While this penniless Egyptian promoted their stocks to investors who have no care for Egypt nor Muslims!




what  this woman wearing hijab wants from the religion of Islam?

Posing for camera painting the corporate logo of an American firm i.e. Facebook!? No thoughts, no shame! Mockery of Prophet Muhammad and Islam.



Russians who financed  the Facebook’s seed money, a gigantic one at that, propped Facebook in Egypt to bring in the current regime to win Egypt back and move into Suez. Does this man think Facebook has anything to with any justice.


We Muslims are not even worthy of the word ‘pawns’, ‘clowns’ male and female, poking fun at the Prophet with our beards and hijabs killing our own brothers and sisters promoting American publicly traded corporations so we appear in some web page, or 6 o’clock news.





Fundamental Problem Among Us: golf course more important than people


I was a speaking with a dear childhood friend in Kuwait and he was telling me that the people in that region, for as long as their leadership and daily provisions  are preserved and no one is killing their women and children, are quite tolerant with murder and genocide of their neighboring brethren just a few kilometers away!

Had the Dubai governor been Christian or Jew, the golf course in question would have been embargoed!

“We would like to stress that our agreement is with the Trump Organisation as one of the premium golf course operators in the world and as such we would not comment further on Mr. Trump’s personal or political agenda, nor comment on the internal American political debate scene,” DAMAC Properties’ Senior Vice President Niall McLoughlin told CNN.


Development of empathy for others, Muslims or not, is a big part of Sufi spiritual endeavour, for we are not living in a bubble, people around us are as much belonging to Allah as does our own Nafs, while Allah watches every move we make so carefully.

The end outcome of such lack of empathy is the widespread remorselessness as we have eye-witnessed in extreme measures among Syrians. Syrians sat in their homes content with their jobs and daily bread, while all around them their very brothers and sisters were murdered in droves e.g. in Hama, Halab, Iraq, Kuwait, Kurdistan, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt, meanwhile invested and applied for jobs and vacationed and made deals with all kinds of war criminals who were killing their brothers, in complete remorselessness which finally caught up with them in manners never recorded in human history. The rest of us to follow soon along the same path.


This incessant yearning to socialize with the rich is a defect (‘Aib) of Nafs (Self) :
Sixty Nine: Love to socialize with the rich

Defect: Nafs (Self) loves to socialize with the rich and is inclined towards them and is benevolent and generous to them.

Therapy: To make the Nafs (Self) to socialize with the poor, and to know that nothing comes to him from them, poor or rich, since his provision is portioned and sent only by Allah to her, and this way it may cut her greed/love from the rich, and to know that Allah blamed the Prophet to socialize with the rich: As to one who regards Himself as self-sufficient, To him dost thou attend, Though it is no blame to thee if he grow not (in spiritual understanding), But as to him who came to thee striving earnestly, And with fear (in his heart), Of him wast thou unmindful [Abas:10-5].

The Prophet addressing the poor said: To live the life is to live like you and to die is to die like you. I have been ordered to make my Nafs (Self) patient with you. And again the Prophet has prayed: Allah let me live poor, and take me poor and resurrect me amongst the poor. And the Prophet ordered the Imam Ali: You have to love the poor and be near to them.

69- حب مجالسة الأغنياء.
ومن عيوبها: محبة مجالسة الأغنياء وميله إليهم وإقباله عليهم [وإكرامه] لهم.
ومداواتها: مجالسة الفقراء والعلم بأنه لا يصل إليه مما في أيديهم إلا مقدار ما قدره الله له فيقطع الطمع منهم فيسقط ذلك محبتهم والميل إليهم، ويعلم أن الله عاتب نبيه صلى الله عليه وسلم في مجالسة [الأغنياء] فقال: أَمَّا مَنِ اسْتَغْنَى 5 فَأَنتَ لَهُ تَصَدَّى 6وَمَا عَلَيْكَ أَلَّا يَزَّكَّى 7 وَأَمَّا مَن جَاءكَ يَسْعَى 8 وَهُوَ يَخْشَى 9فَأَنتَ عَنْهُ تَلَهَّى {عبس:5-10].


© 2015-2002,  Dara O. Shayda,

IMF to include Islamic finance in sector surveillance – Lagarde


The International Monetary Fund will include Islamic finance in its monitoring of financial sectors around the world, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said on Wednesday, in a sign of the industry’s growing economic weight.

“We are keen to pursue this agenda and to further strengthen our policy advice by incorporating best practices for Islamic banking and finance into our surveillance work,” Lagarde told a conference on Islamic finance in Kuwait.

The IMF has traditionally focused on conventional banking. But last year it launched discussions with an external advisory group of Islamic finance experts and industry bodies, and this month it published a report on the impact of monetary policies on Islamic banking in Gulf countries.

Islamic finance, which bans interest payments and pure monetary speculation, has been growing faster than conventional finance and is estimated to have over $2 trillion of assets globally.

It has become important for financial systems in more than 10 countries, accounting for over 15 percent of total financial assets there, Lagarde said. Non-Muslim countries such as Britain and Luxembourg have begun to issue Islamic bonds.

She called on governments in the Gulf and southeast Asia to increase their issues of Islamic bonds in various maturities and to incorporate them into their debt management strategies, in order to provide better pricing benchmarks for a much wider range of issuers.

The IMF wants to encourage more consistency among countries in applying Islamic finance rules, fearing that conflicts among jurisdictions could stifle growth and create instability.

Lagarde said that to maintain a level playing field with conventional banks, Islamic lenders needed to adapt their capital requirements to account for their profit-and-loss- sharing models.

Countries with Islamic finance industries should harmonise tax treatment across jurisdictions and incorporate Islamic finance into international tax treaties, she told the conference, which was organised by institutions including the IMF and Kuwait’s central bank.

Source: IMF to include Islamic finance in surveillance -Lagarde | Reuters

Who is really fighting in Syria?


This is a unique opportunity to understand what is going on in Syria, avoiding the gigantic pile of nonsense American media shoves down our throats on minute-by-minute basis:

Those who carry the banner of Sharia’ and do so with unspeakable violence, which has basically only mass murdered innocent Muslims and minorities amongst them, are mercenaries and there is no other truth.

Mercenary is mercenary: Whether sugar coating their crimes by faking the love of the Prophet’s family, or incessant false insistence on the Sunnah of the Prophet, or establishment of democracy by bombing people to oblivion, or dominance of certain wealthy Arab tribe by mutilating their own children, they are criminals killing people for little gain in this world. They are nothing more.

In their hearts there are nothing of Allah and the Prophet’s religion. They are paid by the American, by the Arab and the Iranian and others.

I sorrow for Syrians, at home and abroad, I am not of them nor have any value to any of them, but so many good souls perished amongst them that could have done a world of good for all of us around the planet by just being!

Allah’s aid is most sought for what is going to transpire soon…




Facebook rescinds internship to Harvard student who exposed a privacy flaw in Messenger

Salaam to everyone

For those of you who think Facebook is a harmless social fun thing to do:

For those Islamic & Sufi sites who use Facebook be amply warned: You are exposing the geo-location as well as other important information about your users to gangsters at Facebook and their criminal customers.


When Muslim speaks without Haya(consideration)



Our freedom ends where the hurt for others starts: To go on microphone or Facebook or Google and just speak freely any type of nonsense that  comes to mind after dinner,  pro or against some group of people only brings war and misery.

Investment bankers, governors and media moguls are constantly looking for new ways to fan the fires of war for power and profit.

To entice youth to take to streets only to be mutilated by armies, while residing overseas only to enjoy the safety and prosperity is evil.

A Muslim man or woman, ought to speak publicly in rare occasions only when it suits the general peace and prosperity of all people, not a marginalized stigmatized organization they belong to, and to speak in a fair informed manner about injustices applied to all people, not just the ones they approve of. Or to maintain silence and Haya (Timidity) even if their own lives are threatened:

The Prophet said: (In Hell) Is there anything else that causes the people to fall on their faces, except the harvest of their tongues? And again the Prophet said: The words of Adam’s children are not for him, they are against him. Except what was ordering good and forbidding evil. Allah said: In most of their secret talks there is no good: But if one exhorts to a deed of charity or justice or conciliation between men, (Secrecy is permissible): To him who does this, seeking the good pleasure of Allah, We shall soon give a reward of the highest (value) [4:114].


To speak mindful of Allah: To watch the tongue not to say words that might cause violence and wars and hardship for Allah’s servants, and for that matter for all people!

See those refugees, they are the lucky ones! Our ceaseless uneducated speech about Jihad and Islamic State and Shariah and Hijab and other endless ignorant talk have displaced millions of servants of Allah , Muslim and non-Muslim.

Our reckless speech pleases and profits the American candidates for presidency, the media giants in need of viewership, Investment bankers who bet on turmoils to show return on investments.

Allah’s aid is most sought


Euthanasia over wine and salad

Euthanasia is very real, more and more practiced and legalized and Americans should be warned about the rise of non-emotional remorseless psychosis of medical professionals who are protected by the local laws to conduct operations on human beings.

See the medical doctor’s gestures and nibble at salad and sipping wine while talking about the sale and processing of human tissues!  She could soon be talking about your tissues or your child’s or your parents’… because of financial pressures or race or religious concerns…