Egypt’s Uprising, 5 Years Later & Egypt Russian industrial zone in Suez

Salaam Everone

On this day five years ago, tens of thousands of Egyptians flooded into Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

Remember? today there is no whimper of that specially by Egyptians.

So what happened? What was the purpose for that fake upraising, who was behind the manufactured turmoil:

The decision to build the Russian industrial zone in Egypt was reached by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi in 2014.

When you go to a gathering of Muslims or in the mosque or some community center and bearded men and veiled women cry the verses of Qur’an for Jihad to kill your neighbor and his woman and children, be sure you are with Munafiqun (Male Hypocrites) and Munafiqat (Female Hypocrites), Arab Iranian Pakistani American convert Indian …

Equally when you are approached by Facebook, US presidents and congressmen trumpeting the virtues of democracy for Muslims, you are again with the hypocrites and liars.

Person who cares for you and your family, will not ask you to kill your neighbor under the banner of Jihad nor democracy. He or she would advise you to better your neighborhood, educate the children in your community, build and cultivate.



An Egyptian man holding a sign thanking Facebook for the uprising! Can you imagine the CEO and shareholders of Facebook laughing their hearts out while planning their IPO! While this penniless Egyptian promoted their stocks to investors who have no care for Egypt nor Muslims!




what  this woman wearing hijab wants from the religion of Islam?

Posing for camera painting the corporate logo of an American firm i.e. Facebook!? No thoughts, no shame! Mockery of Prophet Muhammad and Islam.



Russians who financed  the Facebook’s seed money, a gigantic one at that, propped Facebook in Egypt to bring in the current regime to win Egypt back and move into Suez. Does this man think Facebook has anything to with any justice.


We Muslims are not even worthy of the word ‘pawns’, ‘clowns’ male and female, poking fun at the Prophet with our beards and hijabs killing our own brothers and sisters promoting American publicly traded corporations so we appear in some web page, or 6 o’clock news.