Man and Spirituality: Comment 1

This is one of my comments to a recent write up by Dr. Choudhary.

In his writing, attempting to build a formal system, an axiomatic one trying to explain the nature of man and his spirituality he formed the phrase:

Axiom 1. Man exists as an entity in the universe.

This is quite important, because we assume we exist, it is a self-aware feeling, but he is talking outside of our Selves, man is an entity as is moon or a molecule of hydrogen billions of light years away.

To this I like to propose to add, the term amplitude:

Man exists as an entity with amplitude in the universe.

Meaning entities exist in the universe with different amounts of amplitude! There are gradations of strength of existence for entities in our universe.

Example: An electron could exist for billions of years, photons similarly, but we as humans last only a few decades!

I might be bold and re-write my version of Dr. Choudhary’s Axiom:

Man amplitudes as an entity in the universe.

Make amplitude into a verb, amplitudes as in does have some amplitude.

Allah’s existence has infinite or absolute (Mutlaq) amplitude. All else finite and vitiated in amplitude.