Some Notes for Whisper’s Ruh Post

Salaam Whisper

Don’t have all the answers you need, but have a bit of research on perhaps something useful for your Equivalence idea. Universes do not exist by themselves, they are mapped to each other, the mapping is what makes them to show existence per human cognition and spiritualities, the universes by themselves are not cognizable:

Nasafi :

Know that the Alam-Saghir (Minor Universe) is a copy and a Nemūdār (Vectorial Abstraction) of the Alam-Kabir (Eminent Universe) and whatever is in the Alam-Kabir is also found in Alam-Saghir. So whatever is found within the Alam-Kabir (Eminent Universe) it ought to have a Nemudar (Vectorial Abstraction) within the Alam-Saghir (Minor Universe), otherwise any description of that object is inaccurate and false.

Definition: According to the treatise 10 of Nasafi Chapter 5 Nemudar of the beautitude of the Paradise are the temporal pleasures on this earth and the Nemudar of the torments of the Hell are the sufferings of humanity on this earth. Based upon this description the best translation for the Farsi word Nemudar is ‘Abstraction’ of something in some universe which is projected or imaged into another. Due to this aspect of the projection or imaging then the attribute ‘Vectorial’ is added, so Nemudar is Vectorial Abstraction. :

Insan Kamil
Azizeddin Nasafi

“O Darwish! The relatedness of these universes are brimful with Ishq (Unary Unrestrained Love), every relatedness (say A in one universe is related to B in another universe) serves as mirror (reflects an image of A into B) while the antecedent and precedent (A and B) are actually in love with each other, and both in love with the mirror as well.


Suyuti Al-Ghazali on Muqabala , probably what you need to study:
Mapping one universe to another

“I say (it is my opinion): Since the universe of Shahada (Observables) became an ‘elevator’ towards the universe of Malakut (Spiritual Realms) and Suluk (Voyage) of Sirat-Al-Mustaqim (The Straight Path) refers to this upward glide i.e. the Din (Religion, way of spiritual life) and the resting-places of the Divine Guidance, therefore if there was no relationships and connections between these universes how could then be any form or glide from one to the other?

Due to the Divine Mercy there is‘equivalence’ between the realm of Shahad (Observables) and Malakut (Realm of Spirits) i.e. entities in one realm are corresponded to the entities in the other realm! Perhaps an entity in the Malakut (Realm of Spirits) has multitudes of corresponding entities in this world. Therefore a metaphor (e.g. entering and exiting the light) becomes an ‘exhibited display’ of an analog (of something in the other universe) and therefore corresponds to an entity in another universe and this correspondence is called Al-Mutabaqah.



Joubin’s Response to Whisper

Salaam Whisper,

The essence of Servanthood is to render ‘service’. The sentient may ‘serve’ its Nafs (e.g. the drop that thinks itself the ocean) or become subservient to The True Self, The Exalted and Glorious, Rab AlAalameen.

“O you who have believed, be supporters of Allah ..” Al-Qur’an
“Indeed Allah will help those who help Him. Indeed Allah is Exalted in Might, All-Powerful.” Al-Qur’an
“I was a Hidden Treasure and Wanted to Be Known” (hadith Qudsi)


Every thought, speech, action motivated by the desire to further that ‘Desire’ of ALLAH is Divine Service.  For example, to gladden the heart of a fellow sentient — plant, animal, Insaan — you are helping that fellow sentient find ease and happiness in Creation and get a glimpse of the ‘Hidden Treasure’ that is our LORD, Ar-Rahmaan. That is ‘helping ALLAH’.

(Remember: That fellow sentient may indeed also be your own self …)

“Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind. And Love your neighbor /even/ as you Love your self.” The Evangel of The Messiah Son of Mary (Salaam Upon them)

If you are walking faithfully in the footsteps of the Blessed Beloved of ALLAH, Mohammad Mostafa (SAWS), then that is so. And remember that ALLAH and HIS Messenger Love those who are ‘moderate’ in thought, speech, and action.

/& Salaam