One thought on “A Road To Self Discovery by Dr. Rahim Choudhary”

  1. Salam Sayadi Dara,
    Thank you for posting my work on self-discovery. I realized that I have a newer version in which I decided to use a simplified architecture. It is simplified and hence the terminology is simpler, and easier to read.
    Earlier I was trying to allow for an explicit possibility for Ruh to exist and to outlive the body. I decided not to address this issue explicitly and therefore use a simplified architecture. The simplified version would implicitly allow for the Ruh, but the architecture by-passes explicitly addressing this issue.
    A Physicist friend who read the simplified architecture suggested that I pull out the Spiritual Sciences as a stand-alone essay, which I did.
    I have gone back to the Yahoo Groups page and replaced the file for the self-discovery; and I have also added another file for the stand alone essay.
    I apologize for the inconvenience of having to replace the older version. And as always I am thankful to your support.

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