Joubin’s Response to Whisper

Salaam Whisper,

The essence of Servanthood is to render ‘service’. The sentient may ‘serve’ its Nafs (e.g. the drop that thinks itself the ocean) or become subservient to The True Self, The Exalted and Glorious, Rab AlAalameen.

“O you who have believed, be supporters of Allah ..” Al-Qur’an
“Indeed Allah will help those who help Him. Indeed Allah is Exalted in Might, All-Powerful.” Al-Qur’an
“I was a Hidden Treasure and Wanted to Be Known” (hadith Qudsi)


Every thought, speech, action motivated by the desire to further that ‘Desire’ of ALLAH is Divine Service.  For example, to gladden the heart of a fellow sentient — plant, animal, Insaan — you are helping that fellow sentient find ease and happiness in Creation and get a glimpse of the ‘Hidden Treasure’ that is our LORD, Ar-Rahmaan. That is ‘helping ALLAH’.

(Remember: That fellow sentient may indeed also be your own self …)

“Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind. And Love your neighbor /even/ as you Love your self.” The Evangel of The Messiah Son of Mary (Salaam Upon them)

If you are walking faithfully in the footsteps of the Blessed Beloved of ALLAH, Mohammad Mostafa (SAWS), then that is so. And remember that ALLAH and HIS Messenger Love those who are ‘moderate’ in thought, speech, and action.

/& Salaam

One thought on “Joubin’s Response to Whisper”

  1. Peace and blessings be for all.
    Thank you for posting this response. I have read it again and again. In this response I am not able to see an answer to one of my two queries, namely the Ruh and Quran 13:15. I had asked them because of a special need that arose during my research on Spirituality. I am not able to determine if I can use the offered advice in that context.
    May Allah bless Mohammad and his followers.

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