Ruh and Quran 13:15


We are told that we have a Ruh. If we were not so told, how could we have discovered that we have a Ruh? In other words, what are some observable attributes of Ruh that would have led us to know that we have a Ruh? The question arose in my mind because I was thinking of an “architecture” of how man is made and how he fits into the universe. Then the question arose in my mind if Ruh should be a part of this architecture (the word used in an engineering sense). I could not settle this issue in my mind.

The “architecture” question I am working on assumes an “Equivalence Principle”. It states that the spiritual world and the physical world are shadows of each other. Further more the object and the shadow are completely equivalent to each other. I originally came up with this thought from Quran 13:15. But now that I look back, what I did ( to conclude equivalence principle from Quran 13:15) seems very heuristic, even less firm than heuristic. So before proceeding with the architecture question I am also perturbed by my doubt about the validity of an Equivalence Principle. May be a detailed explanation and understanding of Quran 13:15 will help me. I will look forward to some help for understanding 13:15.

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