A word about Zikr or remembrance

Salam to all brothers on the way
Zikr or quickly translated remembrance is the center of the way to be with God or Allah and it is the core of true Islam.
Remembrance is a quick translation to the word Zikr. First there should be recognition of the actions of Allah then there is remembrance that Allah as the only and sole acting power in the universe.
We can start with that.

2 thoughts on “A word about Zikr or remembrance”

  1. Subhanallah and Alhamdolillah. This is beautiful. And it is so to the point, so clear, so specific, so easily actionable. I am so glad that I have been informed. This is my Zikr for this moment. And I will work more on the first part of the advice (what Allah has already done for me) so that I begin to grasp the meaning of the second part (that Allah is one and only one who does things — 67:1, 36:83).
    Thank you Sayyadi Dara.

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