Who is really fighting in Syria?


This is a unique opportunity to understand what is going on in Syria, avoiding the gigantic pile of nonsense American media shoves down our throats on minute-by-minute basis:


Those who carry the banner of Sharia’ and do so with unspeakable violence, which has basically only mass murdered innocent Muslims and minorities amongst them, are mercenaries and there is no other truth.

Mercenary is mercenary: Whether sugar coating their crimes by faking the love of the Prophet’s family, or incessant false insistence on the Sunnah of the Prophet, or establishment of democracy by bombing people to oblivion, or dominance of certain wealthy Arab tribe by mutilating their own children, they are criminals killing people for little gain in this world. They are nothing more.

In their hearts there are nothing of Allah and the Prophet’s religion. They are paid by the American, by the Arab and the Iranian and others.

I sorrow for Syrians, at home and abroad, I am not of them nor have any value to any of them, but so many good souls perished amongst them that could have done a world of good for all of us around the planet by just being!

Allah’s aid is most sought for what is going to transpire soon…




2 thoughts on “Who is really fighting in Syria?”

  1. Dear Ustad Dara,
    What is happening around the Muslim world breaks my heart — Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya.
    Then I ask myself. It is the creation of Allah. It is perfect. The way it is. It must be my eyes that are troubled at the perfection. The purpose of the Creator is bound to be fulfilled. There can be no failure for Him.
    And that creates even more confusion in mind. If that is the way Allah has made it, should I even try to change it because I am dissatisfied with it? Should I be dissatisfied with it?
    The alternate scenario is that Allah made it perfect but man messed it up. Can man do that?
    It is just my confused mind.

    1. Salaam Whisper

      I ask Allah to take my life in peace and away from trouble, paying my debt and fulfill obligation to everyone before departure.

      I do not think there is much else there days for anyone.

      I see no confusion.


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