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  1. Sayyadi Dara and other esteemed members. May you each know peace, happiness and fulfillment.
    I am so happy to read this mention of ‘wordless zikr’. Personally I feel there is no place for words in Zikr. I find the words actually put me off, and reciting them in congregation feels to me un-like zikr.
    Zikr to me is to go about doing my things and to keep Him in mind, nay to go around feeling that He is nearby, just right there, as if we are doing it together. I do that even when I know I am doing something non kosher. In those situations I act like a child who is naughty and disobedient, and at the same time he knows that his parents would not push him away. And as regards Him, He made only one thing obligatory upon Himself — Rahmah or Love.
    I am writing this, not to advertise what I do, but hoping I will get corrected where I am going away from Him. My love to each one of you.

    1. Salaam Whisper
      More or less I have similar sentiments, however I believe that if you get acquainted with the letter and words of the Arabic of the Prophet, peace be upon him, there is an amplification of the experience.

      I like to look at those micro-biological structures, images or videos, they are Tajalli (Lucent Manifestation) of either Allah , or Hu/Huwa.

      Allah in case you have some belief and understanding of the Super Being who innovated those biological structures.

      Hu/Huwa when you cannot fathom the Super Being ,but you feel ITs innovative powers all around you, yet IT is absent!

      In Western though the latter is disbelief! In sufism it is Haira or bewilderment when you see the innovations and powers of the Absent One but you have feel or knowledge of IT.

      1. Salam Sayyadi Dara,

        I thank you for responding to my words of ignorance, that at best represent Hairah, and at worst represent Disbelief. But your words are always reveling and guiding, or at least that is how I feel.
        Indeed I have been trying to get some acquaintance with the letters and words of the Prophet (may Allah enable me to know and be thankful for the blessings he brought to the likes of me. Equally I have tried to do so with the letters and words of the Quran, that seems to talk to me in resonance with my conditions. This job for me is rather challenging because I do not know Arabic, and I have gathered some acquaintance with the structures, styles, and emphatic meanings of the constructs of the Quran just as an exercise in pattern recognition, as if in an image or practice.
        Obviously defective though my effort is, yet I have found it helpful and even personally useful in trying to un-encrypt the apparently un-encrypted messages in the Quran complemented with some Hadith Qudsi.
        Through your response I for the first time had some realization of the significance of the use of the word HU. Thank you for educating me. And please pray that all my education be a compass pointing towards Allah and enable me to act such that Allah grants me His nearness. I have struggled in my own way, and I am beginning to see a relation between personal struggles and Allah’s Taufiq/Grace.

        1. Salaam Whisper

          We are all in the same boat as you. Myself or some big name Sheikh or the baker at the corner of your street or some long dead Sufi master… all sitting right next to you in this boat.

          No one has any status above another, no one knows anything more than the other, unless Allah gave them of ITs/His Bounties:

          37:164 (angels say) “Among us, too, there is none but has a place assigned to it [by Him Allah];

          All ranks and loftiness or lowliness are from Allah, not from “I”.

          Some of us are better actors than others, acting as believers in a Hollywood movie… but not in reality.

          If I believe that been given/have something more than you, then “I” is corrupted.

          Prophet peace be upon him narrated to us tales of scholars and worshipers and Mujahids Allah threw into fire and yet easily gave Gardens to a prostitute who quenched the thirst of a dog.

          Human judgement not equal to Allah’s judgement. “I”‘s judgement of my person is not Allah’s judgement.

          Insofar as the Arabic language and all that, if you look at the microbiological photos and your heart brimfills with feelings for Allah, you are done! What else do you need? Whom else do you need?

          The day of my death I am told of my rank in presence of Allah, not before.

  2. Salaamullahi Alaikum

    >The day of my death I am told of my rank in presence of Allah, not before.

    Is it generally true for all of us?

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