According to the General Theory of Relativity,Gravity is the CURVATURE of SPACE.

But what is Space in actuality?

Is Space an Wujud?An Entity?
Or it is only due to our Perception?

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  1. Salaam,

    Space is mind product.

    [Master Dogen related a] story about two Chinese Zen masters, Shigong Huizang (n.d.; Shakkyo Ezo in Japanese), and his younger Dharma brother, Xitang Zhizang (735-814; Seido Chizo in Japanese).

    Shigong asked
    Do you know how to grasp space?
    The younger brother, Zhizang said
    Yes I do.
    Shigong asked
    How do you grasp it?
    Zhizang stroked the air with his hand.
    Shigong said
    You don't know how to grasp space.
    Zhizang asked
    How do you grasp it, older brother?
    Shigong grasped his younger brother's nose and yanked.
    [It might even be read that he stuck his finger in the younger brother's nostril before pulling ..]
    Either way, Zhizang yelled in pain:
    You're killing me! You tried to pull my nose off!
    Shigong said
    You can grasp it now!

    `Then will I surely come upon them from before them and from behind them and from their right and from their left, and Thou wilt not find most of them to be grateful.’ [Sura 7]


    It is said by the Doostaan that “2 kings can not share the same realm but an entire troop of Sufis will happily share the same cloak” ..

    Q: How many angels can dance on a pinhead?
    A: There is no limit to their number.

    “Angels” are Bosonic. “Demons” are Fermionic. (Think: Pauli Exclusion Principle]


    Said [SAWS]: “I have a time with my LORD when neither angel nor prophet can come between Us”.

    All Praise is Ever Due to ALLAH, The Eternal Absolute. The Best of Those Who Know, The Best of Those Who Teach, and The Very Best of Friends.

    /& Salaam!

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