Wrong Perspective!

Salaam Sayyidi and Salaam to all respected members

I would like to address an important issue. Non Muslims often have a complaint that Muslims consider them as enemies branding them as Kafirs, and I have noticed that this statement is somewhat true.

Most Muslims I know of hold such view i.e. consider non Muslims as enemies.

I was in a mosque the other day. The Imam was making  supplication,

“Fansurna ‘ala-l qawmil kaafirin”,  once, twice and then multiple times, while everyone saying “amen amen” in a way like they are about to go to a war against non Muslims!

I am not sure if Muslims of other countries hold the same perspective.  But if we are to live in harmony with the rest of the world, people of different religion and views around us, how can we manage to do that when we are hostile to them in the first place! I was wondering how we could resolve this problem.


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  1. Salaam Shakir

    Qaum Al-Kafirin to modern Muslims means the non-Muslims and therefore the verse invokes Allah’s aid for triumphing over the non-Muslims or disbelievers.

    I checked some of the Sufi Tafsirs e.g. Ibn Arabi, Baqli, Qushairi and the Qaum Al-Kafirin include us the Muslims when we cloak our hearts from the Light of Allah by wrong doings.

    I checked the Sunni Tafsir e.g. Firuz Abadi, the said Triumph means Allah do not destroy us like you destroyed the disbelieving nations before us.

    Sunni Tafsir of Al-Khazin reads: Triumph us over those who struggle hard or fight hard to worship Allah and coerce and force people to worship idols.

    Shiite Tafsir of Tubrusi reads: Allah aid us to win arguments against them. And also to subjugate them i.e. not to let them have upper hand over us.

    Tafsir Shiite of Tabataba-i reads: this verse indicates aid to provide proper invitation to the religion (Da’wa) to be obedient to Allah…

    Tafsir Shiite Janabazi reads: to triumph us over the Shaitans from human and jinn outside our existence and inside our existence. Note that Shaitan means anything or anyone that causes farness between a human being and Allah.

    So after reading these, I am sure you can conclude modern Muslims are ignorant folk insofar as the religion of Muhammad peace be upon him.

  2. Salaam Sayyidi

    Thanks for your response and clarifications.

    It seems true knowledge of Quranic and Prohetic terminologies have gone forever.
    Modern Muslims blindly follow their interpretations what their religious leaders feed them.

    Modern Muslims do not even acknowledge that there is/was a SPIRITUAL side of Islam. They only perform some rituals in hope they are gathering rewards for afterlife.

    All attention to rituals and outfits.
    Less and almost no attention to fix defects of character and be useful to others.

    Our ignorance of Prohetic original and pure teachings has given us the dark age.

    Although I no longer follow them but I feel sad for this community.

    For me, the works and writeups of past masters you brought together so eloquently is one last light in this dark age.

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