Salaam Sayyidi, Salaam to all

I was wondering
-what is death?
-what does it mean to taste death?
-what is Jannat that we are encouraged to achieve?
-what is Jahannam from which we are told to save ourselves ?

4 thoughts on “Death”

  1. Salaam Shakir
    These questions are larger than humanity.
    I have trace bits of knowledge about some of them, but requires much work to develop into something cognitive.
    So I share what I have shortly INSHALLAH.

    However we need to revert to a state of mind Imam Al-Ghazali suggested:

    We are all sleepers, these are all dreams of dreamers, our questions and answers are all within the scope of dreaming, neither the questions nor the answers are suitable for someone awake!

    In that vein of thought I could share a few thoughts in other posts INSHALLAH.


    1. Salaam Sayyidi

      These terms seem to be CODES to me.

      My views about Death, Jannat, Jahannam is just like the biblical views.

      My thoughts are stuck here. I badly need to acquire new proper thoughts about them.

      Looking forward to your posts.

  2. If we go by literal terms and believe in heaven and hell as a place of bliss and fire respectively, I still cannot understand why heaven is a wonderful place to be, other than to escape from the hell fire.

    1. Salaam Altaf

      These Heaven and Hell concepts we talk today are mostly those of the English Speaking Christians and Jews, they are not of our original religion.

      Modern Muslims do not know of these things, we went to Western colleges read English books about Islam and watch Western media about religion so we are confused.

      19:80 and divest him of all that he is [now] speaking of: for [on Judgment Day] he will appear before Us in a lonely state.

      19:95 and every one of them will appear before Him on Resurrection Day in a lonely state.

      Whatever you face after your death is personalized, mine and yours are not the same, as the verses above mention.

      Jews and Christians took the concepts of the super rich monarchs who ruled them and made up a language about heaven and hell as we are talking about these days. For example they speak of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him and his virgin mother, as king of the jews or king of heavens. This was their vision.

      Shakir says, if so, how can we escape these mental conditionings and learn our religion’s concepts properly.

      What you read in the Arabic of Qur’an is not what is on the other side, we discussed many constructs of the inventiveness (Badi’) in the language of Arab, in the language of Qur’an, to render concepts , but the reality of the concept is not the words used, the words are BORROWED (Isti’ara) to convey a concept to every mind.

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