On Bismillah

Salaam Sayyidi and Salaam to everyone.

I have a question regarding Bismillah.
It is mentioned in this pattern:”Bi-Ism-Allah”(With/by/by means of Allah’s Name, Ism).
And not “Bi-Allah” (by means of/with/by/in Allah).

I would like to know about the significance of Name.

Is there answers available for the usage of this pattern?

One thought on “On Bismillah”

  1. Salaam Shakir
    I am looking into books of grammarians of the Arab, as to what Ba means before a name.
    Let’s do that research first, and study all instances in Qur’an. Once we have that research and education then we continue with your question.

    INSHALLAH in a few days, I post the grammar of Ba

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