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Salaam Sayyidi Dara and Salaam to all.

From Al itqan:

“Allah’s Kalima (Word), as far as the relationship with the human being is concerned, is a Nur (Divine Light ) that is lucent within the human heart.”

I’ve been struggling with the concept of NUR . Surely it is not the Light that which have certain wavelengths, frequency etc. when it comes to the term Allah’s Nur.

So what does the term ‘Allah’s Nur’ mean?



Every year this dispute becomes evident in Muslims. While majority prays 20 rakaat salah,but many argue that taraweeh is 8 rakaat. Plus in some cases this argument goes into extremism.
If you could give some advice on this issue, please.

Question on photographs

Salam Sayyidi Dara and Salam to all.

I was wondering of what are the REAL Commandments regarding photography.It seems Islamic Sharia’ is very Strict at this point.Yet we often have seen usage of photos in Sayyidi Dara’s works and Yes-those photographs indeed touches us and teaches us.
So could you please tell more on this point?


Sidi Dara,

Could you please provide the original ‘Arabic’ version of Quranic Tafseer ‘Lataif Al Isharat’ by the Grand Sheikh Abul Qasim al- Qushayri (r)?

In Pdf format?

Sama and Ardh

In Quran,the words ‘sama’ and ‘ardh’ have been used multiple times.
The common translation of these two words:
Sama= Sky
Ardh= Planet Earth.
I look forward for your kind information on the detailed meaning of these words.