What is it that everyone shares,regardless of caste,creed and colour?

Eyes become tearful when I see the helpless Nepalese people,their lives being shattered by some powerful Earthqakes. A certain emotion fills mind,and I feel if I could do anything for them! And I believe, had such things happened for me,they also would feel the same. What is that common thing that humanity shares? Is it what we call Rahmah?

2 thoughts on “What is it that everyone shares,regardless of caste,creed and colour?”

  1. Salaam Shakir

    All men are good in general and do good things just the same, and they are all merciful about the same measures.

    What sets them apart is how good and merciful they are under duress? As Allah remarked:

    29:2 Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, “We believe”, and that they will not be tested?

    Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and whomever you could find, are all similar and same once they are all safe well-fed and comfortable.

    Problems start when there are fear and hunger and distress, each person and each group starts differing on how they handle the difficult circumstances, and thus we are set apart in presence of Allah.

    I do not believe what people say or acts they exhibit in short intervals of time, I do not believe what I say and what I do in short periods of time. I look at others and look at myself, for long periods of time, when a medley of comfort and distress and fear and safety and prosperity and scantiness come and go in turns.

    After the long observation I see the real people and I see the real Dara. Otherwise it is all a Hollywood movie, we are all acting, some as Muslims, some as Jews, some as Christians or Hindus and good actors and actresses we are.

    I do not know why this post was not seen by me earlier, so my apologies for late publish.


  2. Salaam Sayyidi

    Thank you.Thank you very much.

    InshaAllah I shall keep these words in my mind.Think about them.Recall them.And see their projections in others and in myself.

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