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Regardless of what people nowadays say/think about the term HUR, what did the companions of Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam and early Sufi shaykhs of the ummah tafsir about HUR?

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  1. Salaam Shakir
    Generally speaking the orientalists’ pornographic translation of Hur, supported by the male Middle Eastern sick fetishism, has created the stigmatized concepts of Hur which has nothing to do with the religion of Islam.

    These are two pieces of research I have from years ago:

    55:56.In them will be (Maidens), chaste, restraining their glances: Qāsirātut-tarf

    This refers to some form of female creature within the Paradise that reflects the behavior of the righteous man on this earth i.e. She does restrain her glances since her man was restraining his eyes and all other aspects of his manhood while on this earth away from all that which forbidden by Allah or displeases Allah. (Dara: As in the case of the Trees of Paradise being the extensions of a man’s Dhikr (Remembrance) on this earth, this female being is an extension of a man’s Wujud (Being-ness) on this earth given the proper conduct. These Qāsirātut-tarf (Females restraining their glances) are indiscernible part of the man’s Wujud (Being) in Azal (Sempiternity)!)

    As trees grow in the Paradise from the man’s Dhikr (Remembrance), Hur sprouts—extension of man’s own Wujud (Being)—when voluntarily warded off and prohibited his senses from the unlawful pleasures and thus Hur grows from the spices and fragrances of the Paradise as an extension: The perfection of man’s senses.

    And again, the man’s Wujud (Being) sprouts another botanical creature, the extension of his Nafs’s (Self’s) evil:

    56:52. “Ye will surely taste of the Tree of Zaqqum. (Zaqqum a tree growing midst the flames of Hell, nourishment for the Hell’s inhabitants)


  2. Trees, maidens, families, wine, water, honey, milk, canopies, shades, light and all the other terminologies in Qur’an and Prophetic Language about the Gardens are not at all the counterparts from this world, though the words used are similar.

    Imagine them being the movies we watch in this life, and they are projections just a motion picture, the real thing is in the other world be it tree or mate or children.

    Most importantly the noble status of women in this world was overly emphasized by the Prophet’s comments, so to go and constantly harp on Hur turn this religion into something fetishistic, is unfair and unjust, but this is what male does when he is in charge, be it a mosque or a company or government.

    To just finish this off and show you how ignorant we are of our own religion, the word Bikr in Qur’an is translated as virgin, in connotation of virgins of paradise. However Bikr in Arabic does not necessarily mean virgin, it means young (might or might not be virgin) but we use this ‘virgin’ ignorantly as standing phrase which we learned form the Western Orientalists.

  3. Salaam Sayyidi

    Thank you very much for the clarifications. Now another question arises that:

    HUR as” extension of man’s own Wujud (Being)”-
    wouldn’t it apply for women as well? Or they already have something or some way granted by Allah for their Perfection as was the case of Mariyam (peace be upon her)?

    1. Salaam Shakir

      I do not know, but I know that women choose their mates in Gardens with whom they wish (or seclusion), yet the Prophet did not indicate that about the males.

      In another post by Attar it was indicated via the Prophet’s hadith that Eve (Hawwa) was a Divine Secret unveiled, she was not an ordinary creation nor are her female off-springs. No matter what woman I have come across in any circumstances, I found them spiritual different than men, in many ways superior and purer.

      Sadly I declined to write or comment more on such gender matters, since I am a byproduct of these sick pronographic days and try to write about content that is left unpolluted within my Self (Nafs).

      So you might excuse me for being brief.

  4. Salaam

    Thank you again. Actually I was thinking the same about the wonderful narrations of Sheikh Attar. And Allah is the Ahkamul Hakimeen.

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