Salaam Sayyidi Dara and Salaam to all.

From Al itqan:

“Allah’s Kalima (Word), as far as the relationship with the human being is concerned, is a Nur (Divine Light ) that is lucent within the human heart.”

I’ve been struggling with the concept of NUR . Surely it is not the Light that which have certain wavelengths, frequency etc. when it comes to the term Allah’s Nur.

So what does the term ‘Allah’s Nur’ mean?

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  1. Salaam Shakir

    I have a really old writeup on this:

    The opening of the text, which has Al-Ghazali’s commentary is the best explanation known to us.

    I think it is a good time to revisit this and collect some of my new notes and add some ideas to the older writeup.

    However before doing that, we need to understand that human being describes and understands the world around him or her in accordance to the machines built e.g. older classical writings used steam-engine as the model for most ideas people could form. Then electricity and electronics modeled the people’s ideas of the world around them, then computers and information.

    We cannot describe the world without these machines, for that matter Allah used the optical machine i.e. Lantern to describe ITs light. We are allowed to use machines built to describe our thoughts about Allah’s attributes and creation. The problem is to avoid describing Allah ITself with such constructs, instead deal with what Allah created and attributions.

    What I wrote up is alien to modern Muslims, they are stuck in 17th century European thought, which the colonialism introduced into their education, and their western education is useless to pursue further such thoughts. Therefore we need to start from scratch, my own Self and your Self thinking de novo on these matters.

    More very soon INSHALLAH


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