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  1. Salam: About the nature of man, an answer to Shakir’s post.

    I cannot give a scholarly answer. I have a notion of what man’s nature is and I can share it here. This notion is largely my opinion, and the reason I decided to share it here is two fold. I am under the impression that this view is derivable from the Quran. And I am most probably wrong in thinking that. So I may get my errors corrected.
    Following are my opinions about the nature of man.

    1. Roughly it seems that the nature of man and the nature of Allah are closely parallel. And to this nature you must adhere. This is a firm law that you should adhere to this nature, and this law is for your own good. There will be no change in this law, so that if you do not adhere to this nature you will then see grief for not living up to your own nature.
    2. This means that there is an innate thing in man that is attracted to be true to its nature. This thing can be called variously by names. Some call it Ruh, some call it Conscience. In any case, this thing is constantly in communication with Allah. Man’s conscious-self is not generally in communication with this thing. Therefore man is disconnected from Allah.
    3. Man is not connected to this innate thing because his sensitivity to its communications is overwhelmed by the noises from the society. If you can disown these noises (coming from false values that permeate the society) then you can communicate with this thing, and therefore you can communicate with Allah. To communicate with Allah is part of your nature. Through communications with Allah, you can achieve any thing and all things.
    4. Scientific research is part of your communications with Allah. Through sciences you can achieve great things. But through further communications with Allah you can achieve more. No religious rituals are needed for these communications. No religious beliefs are needed for these communications. No murshids are needed for these communications. All you have to do is to communicate with this innate thing that is already within you. The biggest hurdle in doing this are the noises from the society. If you overcome these noises and you look at this innate thing that is your nature, you are already in communication with Allah, the compassionate and the merciful.
    With peace, the inner peace that your nature brings to you.

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