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Recently i’ve come accross
many articles and talks on
Consciousness. Many
scientist have found
reasons enough to
research on that subject
and human brain is not the
tool for being conscious.
I guess Consciousness/
Mind is that very entity i.e.
Aql. I’d be grateful if you
provide your opinion and
Second question is,what
the relation between Aql
and Ruh? Thank you.

From Shakir Shahid

Ramadan al Mubarak,
I’d like to know what it actually
indicates by the word ‘Jannat un
For example, In Quran al Kareem,
”Waj’alni min warasati Jannatin
That is a prayer of Prophet
Ibrahim(peace be upon him).
Again i found in Salawat Iksir
Azam by Sultan al awliya Sheikh
Qadir Jilani invoking blessings,
”Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina wa
Nabiyyina Muhammadin salatan
tudkhiluna biha ‘Jannatin
Na’eem’-e bila hisab.”

My point of question is:
Jannatul Firdous is the grandest and best jannat. Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam taught to ask for Jannatul Firdous. But here i found supplications are made for Jannatun Nai’eem!

Preparations for Ramadan 2014

Salamullahi Alaikum

My life passing me by and That Most Beautiful Super Being was my company all these years and yet I was too busy consuming to take notice:

6:91, 39:67. They have no fair appreciation for Allah, what appreciation for Him/IT is due

I look at this photo, servants starved to death, and may Allah sprout midst my sorrows the Meadows of Divine Secrets…




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