Ansari: Tafsir (Exegesis) Basmala: Surah 111, Tabbat


Abdullah Ansari
Kashf Al-Asrar

111. Tabbat

Basmala, such mention of ITs Regal Names, dominion wherein perplexed intellects unable to prehend (reach to grasp at) ITs greatness, annihilating deep within the sea of ITs Mercy, delighting the hearts with grace of ITs Nearness, breeze of ITs love solace for the spirits, while all pointers missed pointing at IT, while all words straying unable to make meanings for IT.

Remark 1. the mention of Basmala for this Surah is to induce Haira (Perplexity), that what occurs “here” might bewilder the human rational, but perfectly true “there” in Azal. Moreover to indicate that human being, though enrobed in mammalian cloak, is not an animal, endued with immense cognitive and spiritual faculties, behaving counter to many of our applicable daily rational and logic suitable for survival of mammalian physiology and behavior.

Remark 2. Annihilating deep within the sea of ITs Mercy: All our thoughts and hopes and despairs and comforts and distress dissolve instantly in ITs Sea of Mercy, deep within this Sea human logic and rational dissolved bubbling away to nothingness.  We sincerely see unfairness in death of a newborn and blessedness in the prolonged prosperous life of an elderly, such is the ceaseless ambiguities our Nafs (Self) manufactures, but deep in That Divine Sea of Mercy no such ambiguities found.

Remark 3. Delighting the hearts with grace of ITs Nearness: Once the ambiguities dissolved, worldly hope and despair gone, comfort discomfort vanished, a new form of happiness appears due to the Qurb (Nearness to Allah), which has no longer an opposite of unhappiness. Therefore between now here and dissolving in the Sea of Mercy, there is a stretch of (Perplexity) and Basmala is that particular stretch of perplexion.

Therefore, one without any worships or piety finds beatitude of closeness with Allah, while another free of any crimes is rejected!?  (Ambiguity)

What did Abi Lahab do that won him the fire? What did Abu-Bakr do that won him happiness? (Ambiguity)

You could say: Abi Lahab became a distressed villain since he had become an unbeliever, and Abu Bakr found good fortune since he had joined Islam. In reality, on Path of Haqiqa (Reality), see disbelief in wretchedness not wretchedness in disbelief!  (Dis-Ambiguity)

See Islam in good fortune, not good fortune in Islam, these are affairs of Azal (Sempiternity) (not the affairs of this causal temporal world). (Dis-Ambiguity)

Pir (Old Sage, Ansari) said: Sigh… for my judgement, sobbing cries for what I said (wrote), since I know nothing whether I shall live happy or melancholy? What That Qadir (All Powerful Allah) says (about me) in Azal frights me!

Abdullah Ansari
Kashf Al-Asrar

My Lord everyone is sorrowing because of Haira (Perplexity) and yet I am joyous because of Haira (Perplexity).

Bika Labbaika (Only by You I can serve You) and thus opened the doors of all bitterness and misfortune for myself.

O! Woe if there is a day I cannot grasp at Your immaterial grace (Lutf).

My Lord I am that moth ablaze within the flames of the lamp; soul feels no torment and the heart feels no burning pain.

My Lord my head filled with water and my heart with fire.

Within feel needlessness for all beloveds and without want and yearn for all!

In a shoreless sea… within my soul and life an incurable ache…

My eyes glance upon what has no explanation while many claim these are the words of beauty!





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  1. Salaam

    Tafsir of Sheikh Abdullah Ansari called Kashf Al-Asrar, for each Surah specifies a different meaning for Basmala (Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim).

    Indeed the entire Surah is a glitter from amongst many glitters of Basmala, and the most important part of each Surah is Basmala.

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