Silence and MicroBiology

Salaam Shakir

Please see


Basically instead of wasting our lives talking nonsense and anger Allah and hurt people, we could assume silence studying these beautiful microbiological structures, endeared by Allah the Divine Inventor (Khallaq).

It will take years of focus and studying to understand these, which means years tying the tongue and focusing on Allah.

You do not even need to understand everything, just looking at the images of these living structures serves your heart as Wordless Dhikr!

Per Prophet’s advice: Do not think of Allah, think of Allah’s handicraft e.g. microbiology.

Go to iTUNES and Youtube and almost all universities in the world are providing their lectures for free! From MIT to Stanford.

So what is there to talk to people about, half baked Arabic words, mixing religion of Muhammad with our personal hate and bigotry to destroy our brothers and sisters and neighbours?

What you see today is not Jihad, it is the bigotry of ignorant Muslims whom filled with hate, a tiny minority amongst us.