Relief from ‘Ujb(Conceit)

Salaam to everyone

‘Ujb or conceit is one of the deadliest ailments of heart and the largest blockage for the Suluk (Voyage) towards Allah.

Sadly we all suffer from it, this Rahi (Author) and you the reader, without exceptions. Specially in this day and age of Facebook and Instagram and ridiculous addiction to Selfies photography.

The treatment for this illness could be quite harsh and unpleasant:

1. Eating simple foods, few simple ingredients, monotonic menu prepared with as little attention to pleasure and luxury.

2. Frequent visit to graveyards, muse the lives of the deceased imagine you were them, how your conceit turned into dust in just a day!

3. Befriend the poor and lowly whom no one befriends

4. Eat from what people throw away until you feel no shame

5. Focus your mental energies on always learning new things, every morning wake up like a toddler, as if your mind is a clean slate, start afresh and learn anew and revel in luxuries of learning new concepts and skills. The older you get learn harder!

6. Speak when spoken to, no pontiff chatterbox