Process and Reality: Alfred North Whitehead

Salaam to everyone

As a part of research and learning to study the recent post by Dr. Choudhary, I recommend that we also read Process and Reality:

This in particular contains his concepts and definitions.

This work being one of the most profound achievements of Western thought, has gone completely forsaken, to the point that some American university faculties were telling me that there is almost an unspoken ban on this book for teaching and research.

We need to caution against reading and digesting RETAIL spirituality and philosophical thought i.e. reading materials sold in large quantities by American corporate publishers.

We need to read all works of all sorts by all authors to find the best of thoughts, not what board of directors of publishing companies in US consider as Western thought and philosophy.

I look forward to reading Dr. Choudary work and will make comments in coming days, much appreciate his sharing.






2 thoughts on “Process and Reality: Alfred North Whitehead”

  1. Sayyadi Ustad Dara,
    Salaam and my humble thanks of gratitude for the kindness you have shown me through these long years, some of which have been real trials of my very being. I am, it seems, now out of the woods; and I owe it to your kindness and encouragement that, it seems, god sent my way through you.
    I think you had directed me to Whitehead earlier also. At that time I found it not readable in a helpful way. This time it was the same in the beginning, and I chose to persist, even if comprehension was lacking. Half way through the essay, he became more readable, with comprehension that brought both enlightenment and joy. Again I owe it to you, that brings a desire to me to know you in a way that would bring me self-maarifa on the way to an unknown and open journey, that can lead me anywhere, and I would be willing to go there, looking for nothing, expecting nothing, without destination, and without goals.
    This I say because I have come to a strange realization that God of my world is all loving, never judging, and ever ready to put his wings around me, even when I neither know him nor acknowledge him, and even when I deny him out of not being able to find him. I feel if I travel, he will be there for me, if he is there at all. But I get the feeling that he wants me to travel my life with willingness and with sweet expectations that the travel itself will bring me happiness, peace, and fulfillment; even though the very me will undergo a metamorphosis of an unrecognizable sort.
    Rahim Choudhary

    1. Salaam Whisper

      I see people like yourself so loved and cherished by Allah, and often you think you are thrown just by the side of the road, and that is the calamity of our Nafs.

      Let’s not teach Allah what to give us and how to give us and when to give us, let us look for beautiful rays and yearn to be given something of the knowledge to expand our capacity for absorption of beauty.


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