Taswit (Sonic Exegsis): Concealed Alif of Nun

For Azizam the Sultan of Sonic Beloveds

Ibn Arabi wrote in Kitab Al-Waw:
And if you viewed the Al-Kaun (Existence) from the point of view of Dhat (Discerning Essence) you might have said: Wujudan (Being-ness); and the one that is not cognizant of these two (Waw(s)), as well, is not cognizant of the Partitioner between these two Waw i.e. the Alif—This Waw is not that Waw.

Source: http://www.untiredwithloving.org/kitab_al_waw.html

الميم و الواو و النون
من مجموعة رسائل
الشيخ محيى الدين بن عربي
فإذا نظرت الكون من حيث الصورة قلت عدما فإن الصورة هي الهو واذا نظرته من حيث ذاته قلت وجودا ولا تعرف ذلك ما لم تعرف الفاصل بين الواوين وهو الألف فيعرفك أن هذا ليس هذا

Dara: Phonemes of Waw:

Wa + Alif + Wa


Therefore there is an Alif that separates first Wa from second Wa. Alif is therefore a barrier separating entities from each other.

Recall Nun’s Phonemes:

N + Waw + N


Therefore in Nun also there is a concealed Alif!

Sonic experiment was setup to uncover this Alif deep within the Nun:



Chorus of Nun chants (time-stretched), many thousands of them, sounded an emergent Aaa sound of Alif. Hear for yourself!

As Ibn Arabi wrote, there is separation between the two N-sounds of Nun:

Kitab Al-Nun
by Ibn Arabi
“And with regards to the Nun (‘n’ sounding letter) it has Waw (‘w’/’u’ sounding letter) as a veil between her two ‘n’ sounds. (Dara: Remember that Nun, though in Arabic it is but a single letter, as a phone it can be spelt as follows: Nun+Waw+Nun; therefore Ibn Arabi considers the middle partitioning Waw as a separating veil.)

Meaning, as in writing, a half circle appears from this Nun just like the half sphere of the sky and the other half which is unseen i.e. the other Nun.  The cosmos is comprised of an observable half and an unobservable half. And the reason for our inability to observe the other half is our existence upon this earth, since this earth also serves as a veil obstructing the view of other half of the cosmos.



Preparations for Ramadan 2014

Salamullahi Alaikum

My life passing me by and That Most Beautiful Super Being was my company all these years and yet I was too busy consuming to take notice:

6:91, 39:67. They have no fair appreciation for Allah, what appreciation for Him/IT is due

I look at this photo, servants starved to death, and may Allah sprout midst my sorrows the Meadows of Divine Secrets…




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Suyuti: Risala Al-Sultaniya

Baraay-e Azizam

Sultan of Egypt Abu Nasr Saif Al-Din Qaytabay from the dynasty of Al-Jarakasa had become seriously ill facing death. When recovered, an expedition of scholars (of Islam) and others paid him a visit except Imam Suyuti. As a result Sultan sent him a messenger seeking his presence at the court, and again Suyuti refused. After a while again the Sultan sent a messenger summoning Suyuti and to intimidate him with the consequences of refusal. In spite of threats against his life, Imam Suyuti refused the second messenger as well and as a result this collection of Hadith (Prophetic Narrations) were compiled by him:


Those of you who are on the path of knowledge, rest assured that your provision is exclusively with Allah and no one else, specially the governors and universities funded by governments and militaries and specially mosques and religious organizations funded by the wealthy businessmen.

As did Imam Suyuti, be content with your wife or husband, your children, your parents, brothers and sisters and stay at your home and focus on the research and development of creative productions to further the knowledge. Collecting paycheques as compensation for your research as justification to gain livelihood shall only win you trials and tribulations, much pain at the end.

If you cannot, and there is no home no wife no husband no kids, then stay by the side of the roads carrying your books and study as hard as you could and do not mind the blame and shame, for in presence of Allah the scholar feels only shame for Allah and no one else, the scholar only asks for provision from Allah and no one else.