Feynman: Why?




Please listen to carefully to what he says about WHY magnets attract or repel. Apply his language and ideas to WHY Allah does this or doesn’t do that?

Also note that he talks about the answer to WHY changes depending on the level of training or knowledge of the questioner.



One thought on “Feynman: Why?”

  1. What he says is that when it comes to WHY, we need to use what is known to us as prior knowledge and then issue an answer, that might be different from person to person due to their amount of knowledge.

    And in other occasions he said that all he could answer is HOW something is working not WHY.

    This is Feynman’s answer to questions about magnets and similar physical objects.

    Same is applicable to questions regarding WHY for Allah, the answer depends on the knowledge possessed by the questioner and there is no fixed answer and perhaps a better question is HOW as in HOW Allah does things around us which we understand by our minds and see by our eyes.

    So ignorant so called “scientific person” asks those WHY questions about Allah and demands absolute answers, while he cannot answer same questions about simple magnets!

    A person with “sound scientific understanding” will not fall into that trap, and understands the limitations of WHY is answered, if answered, in certain limited incomplete way, as for magnets, same as for Allah.


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