Ibn Arabi: Kitab Al-Waw: كتاب الميم و الواو و النون

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Kitab Al-Waw (‘w’ sound in Arabic)
Ibn Arabi

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Kitab Al-Waw (Book of ‘W’ letter)
Kitab Al-Jalala: Kalimat Allah

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Kitab Al-Waw (Book of ‘W’ letter)

(The Lofty Spiritualities descended, a noble descention indeed, by means of  the secrets of Waw) And this is also an indication of existence of Surat (Constraint to shape) within us as was said by peace be upon him: Inna Allah created Adam according to/upon ITs Surat (Constraint).

Remark: Pronoun ITs‘ refers to Allah in the case of Ibn Arabi writings i.e. Allah created Adam according to ITs own Divine Surat (Constraints to shape and form). Click here for Imam Razi’s interpretation of the Hadith.

Remark: Waw is phonetically comprised of Waw+Alif+Waw. Kaun is made up of Ka+Waw+Nun.

Between the two Waw, is placed, the veil of Ahadiyat (Oneness) i.e. Alif, and consequently emerged the ‘Ain (An instantiation) of Al-Kaun (Existence) according to the Surat (Constraint) of the Al-Mukawwin (Formative Creator) and thus in between is the Veil of Divine Greatness and Ahadiyat (Oneness) for the purpose of discernment of the Dhawāt (Discerning Essences, pl Dhat).

الميم و الواو و النون
من مجموعة رسائل
الشيخ محيى الدين بن عربي
وهي الدليل أيضا لنا على وجود الصورة فينا من قوله صلى الله عليه وسلم (ان الله خلق آدم على صورته) وبينهما حجاب الأحدية الذي هو الألف فظهر عين الكون على صورة المكون وحال بينهما حجاب العزة الاحمى والاحدية العظمى فتميزت الذوات

Therefore if you viewed the Al-Kaun (Existence) from the point of view of Surat (Constraint to Shape) you might have said: ‘Adaman (Allah ‘in-absentia’) since indeed the Surat (Constraint that forms) is that of Al-Huwa (The Divine IT, third person absent pronoun).

Dara: Al-Huwa (IT) is the absentia modality of the Divine Presence, wherein there is no direct presence of the Divine Being to be seen or touched, but the departure of the direct presence re-shaped and formed the universe i.e. Suart, in such fashion that: The Creator was here thus invented fanciful inventions and then disappeared out of direct presence and view.

And if you viewed the Al-Kaun (Existence) from the point of view of Dhat (Discerning Essence) you might have said: Wujudan (Being-ness); and the one that is not cognizant of these two (Waw(s)), as well, is not cognizant of the Partitioner between these two Waw i.e. the Alif—This Waw is not that Waw.

Dara: Waw for Al-Huwa (The Divine IT) is the distant-view (Macro), indeed a distinct Surat (Constraint), that the Divine Presence has left behind in absentia which has formed the engineering processes knowledges and materials of the universe i.e. fully automated self-operational autonamous universe. Waw for Al-Kaun (Kaf+Waw+Nun) is the near-view (Micro), another completely different Surat (Constraint), that the Divine Dhat (Discerning Essence) has imposed upon this universe i.e. creation and ontology of all things in existence. These two views i.e. one macro and one micro, have to be separated by a veil so they do not mix and stay partitioned, and that partitioning agent is Alif.

الميم و الواو و النون
من مجموعة رسائل
الشيخ محيى الدين بن عربي
فإذا نظرت الكون من حيث الصورة قلت عدما فإن الصورة هي الهو واذا نظرته من حيث ذاته قلت وجودا ولا تعرف ذلك ما لم تعرف الفاصل بين الواوين وهو الألف فيعرفك أن هذا ليس هذا.

And the Spoken Surat (Constraint to form the acoustics) of Al-Waw is as follows: The first Waw is the Waw of Al-Huwiya (IT-ness, That-ness) and the Ha (‘h’ sound form the throat) of Hu-Wa is immixed (graded) deep within the Waw as is the number 5 (graded) within number 6. And the other Waw i.e. the Waw of Al-Kaun (Existence) emerged within the Al-Kaun or Al-Mukawwin (Formative Creator) (as you wish to use either word)… The reality of Huwa is the opposite of being observable therefore Huwa is the Absolute Absence (Al-Ghayb Al-Mutlaq).
الميم و الواو و النون
من مجموعة رسائل
الشيخ محيى الدين بن عربي

وصورة نطق الواو هكذا ـ واوـ فالواو الاولى واو الهوية والهاء مدرجة فيها اندراج الخمسة في الستة فأغنت عنها والواو الاخرى واو الكون فظهرت الواو في الكون والمكون ان شئت واو الهوية ثم هي الواسطة التي بين الهوية والكون وهي غابت من أجل الأمر فإنها لو ظهرت عند الأمر لما ظهر الكون إذ لا طاقة له على مشاهدة الهو وكانت تزول حقيقة الهو فإن الهو يناقض الشهادة فهو الغيب المطلق.

Kitab Al-Jalala: Kalimat Allah
From the treatise of Ibn Arabi

Know that she, the Divine Kalimat (Word, Verbiage) for Allah, is comprised of six letters:


Four are patent when written:

1.    Alif Al-Awaliaya (First-Most, Primordial) Alif the first letter in the alphabet of the Arab
2.    Lum of Ghayb (Unseen, Unobservable) and she is concealed
3.    Lum patent which is for the Shahada (Observable Universe), spoken Mushaddad (Repeated LL sound)
4.    Ha of Huwiya (IT-ness, That-ness)

Four are patent when spoken:

1.    Alif of Divine Power (Qudra) to set destinies and to shape and form all objects
2.    Lum patent for Shahada (Observable Universe)
3.    Alif for Dhat (Discernable Essence)
4.    Ha of Huwiya (IT-ness, That-ness)

One of the Harf (Divine Alphabet) does not emerge patent neither within the written or spoken linguistics of Allah, however there are implicit links to it, and that is the Waw of Huwa.

Lum is for the middle-buffer universe i.e Barzakh (Barrier) subject to the actions of the Aql (Intellect).

Ha is for the Ghayb (Unseen and Concealed i.e. Unobservable). Waw: One for the Shahada (Observable Universe), the other for Allah rendering the Ghayb Al-Mutlaq (Absolute Absence). The Waw for Shahada (Observable Universe) is oral (i.e. pronounced by the pressing motion of the lips (the utmost boundary of human breathing system) and no participation of the tongue or the teeth) and therefore applies not to Allah (for Allah does not appear within this universe); the other Waw which does not appear either written or spoken refers to Allah i.e. Ghayb (Unseen and Concealed i.e. Unobservable).

كتاب الجلالة
و هو
كلمة الله
من مجموعة رسائل
الشيخ محيى الدين بن عربي

واعلموا أنها تحوي من الحروف على ستة أحرف وهي: ا ل ل ا ه و، أربعة منها ظاهرة في الرقم وهي الألف الأولية ولام بدء الغيب وهي المدغمة ولام بدء الشهادة وهي المنطوق بها مشددة وهاء الهوية.
وأربعة منها ظاهرة في اللفظ وهي ألف القدرة ولام بدء الشهادة وألف الذات وهاء الهو وحرف واحد منها لا ظاهر في اللفظ ولا في الرقم لكنه مدلول عليه وهو واو الهو في اللفظ وواو الهوية في الرقم وانحصرت حروفه، واللام للعالم الأوسط وهو البرزخ وهو معقول والهاء للغيب والواو لعالم الشهادة ولما كان الله هو الغيب المطلق وكان فيه واو عالم الشهادة لأنها شفهية ولا يتمكن ظهورها في الله، لهذا لم تظهر في الرقم ولا في اللفظ فكانت غيبا في الغيب وهذا هو الغيب ومن هنا صح شرف الحس على العقل فإن الحس اليوم غيب في العقل والعقل هو الظاهر فإذا كان غدا في الدار الآخرة كانت الدولة في الحظيرة الإلهية وكثيب الرؤية للحس فنظرت إليه الأبصار وكانت الغايات للأبصار والبدايات للعقول ولولا الغايات ما التفت أحد إلى البدايات فإنظر ما هنا من الأسرار وهو أن الآخرة أشرف من الدنيا قال الله تعالى ((تُرِيدُونَ عَرَضَ الدُّنْيَا وَاللّهُ يُرِيدُ الآخِرَةَ)) 67 سورة الأنفال، وقال تعالى ((وَالْآخِرَةُ خَيْرٌ وَأَبْقَى)) 17 سورة الأعلى.

Dara: This is the definition of the Waw:

28:70. Wa: Hu is Allah. No deity other than Hu. To Hu be praise, at the first and at the last

وَهُوَ اللَّهُ لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا هُوَ لَهُ الْحَمْدُ فِي الْأُولَى وَالْآَخِرَةِ

Waw is a cyclic phoneme in the language of the Arab i.e. starts with a ‘w’ sound  and ends with the same sound ‘w’ i.e. ‘the first and at the last’ which refers to the first Waw and the final Waw and Alif in the between to veil one against the other as was mentioned by the Ibn Arabi above. Therefore the emergence of Waw by any creature elevates its importance as though a flag posted on the creature written upon: Important Creature Identified by Allah:


53:1 Wa the star when it goes down (sets)

وَالنَّجْمِ إِذَا هَوَى

Association of the Wa by the star is to aggrandize to make it even more observable that other members of the creation, as Allah loves and wills, and the agent alphabet that does elevate the status of that creature is Waw:

100:1. Wa the galloping panting quadruped-animals (four-legged animals which pant (noisy expirations) when gallop e.g. horse or dog)

وَالْعَادِيَاتِ ضَبْحًا

The extraordinary molecular breathing apparatus of the galloping animals when they pant is elevated to the mighty importance, Allah loves the breathing inventinveness of such animals, by Waw thus serves as a vector pointing towards Absent Divine Presence…


Wa the Harf (Divine Alphabet) the agent that operates upon any member of the creation Allah loves or Allah holds with regard or assigns immense importance to. This is the agent alphabet that elevates and thus renders the importance of an entity—High Complexity.

Without Waw universe is flat i.e. there is no variation of importance amongst the objects, and how can there be a Divine Lover without preferences? How can the universe point to a Singleton Lover unless there is the asymmetry of ITs Divine Love?


Ta’rifat Jurjani
Dhat for any object

Dhat is what specializes or discerns something from all else.

Difference between the Dhat and Shakhs is that Dhat is more general than that of Shakhs i.e. Dhat is applicable for both corporeal or otherwise but Shakhs is only applicable to the corporeal.

التعريفات  الجرجاني
باب الذال
الذاتي لكل شيء
ما يخصه ويميزه عن جميع ما عداه.
وقيل: ذات الشيء: نفسه وعينه، وهو لا يخلو عن العرض، والفرق بين الذات والشخص: أن الذات أعم من الشخص، لأن الذات تطلق على الجسم وغيره، والشخص لا يطلق إلا على الجسم.

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