17 thoughts on “ٍSnakes & Ladders شطرانج العارفين”

    1. Thank you … Now, as I understand it so far … I need to roll a 5 … to begin!

        1. In a sense, the very start demands a knowledge of the first two states: non-being and becoming and the knowledge of who throws (when you threw or rolled 5).
          I only guess that in “non-being” we were indeed asked “alastu” and we need to remember/renew with our response then “bala” …
          From there, becoming may be easier to understand … if one remembers who throws.
          So this not really a game! Or may be it is … a test.

  1. Although still trying to figure out “3adm” non-being/neant, i have a question regarding cell 1 (next unfolding) translated
    1: Wilādat, Birth, Arabic وِلادَت
    which in the commentary in arabic is really “wiladat el-wujud” or birth of existance … not to be confused with birth of the human being …
    yet, and as i write this down … it becomes clearly the same … Being … and the point of view (mine) has shifted to that of God … the Only Being possible.
    And I am back to square 0 .. 3adm … for how long?

    1. I looked at Farhang Istilahat Ta’birat Irfani by Dr. Sajjadi, and there is no Sufi phrase “Wiladat Al-Wujud”. Of course it does not mean it was not used, but please send me any reading materials on that phrase.

      1. link does not work, requires login, please arrange for regular copy & paste or email me I add it as media to your post.

        I appreciate you have new ideas on the subject matter, it is why these things are written by me, there is no adherence to some outline required.

        Meanwhile I search the books and report back.

  2. In the link you provided from archive.org, the only snake tail ends in square 4 which is called the desires or lusts.

    So no other snake tail is ending up in the first 3 squares, which one has the Wiladat phrase in it.

    1. Sorry for the confusion I have created … I just noticed the term “wiladat el wujud” and that only one kind of 3adm – out of 3, I believe – may result in “birth” of a similar kind of “wujud”. That kind is I believe mumkin (possible) as opposed to dhati (essential) or mutlaq (absolute) …
      Of course, sharing views – by way of what this game provides – is the main purpose and the intention … remains exploring/learning.
      Without actually starting the game, I already feel/understand that all subsequent squares – after square 0: 3adm – are only “possible” and that all originate in 3adm – square 0 – – thru this birth – square 1.

  3. I think the way you are approaching the game is quite good, how it was meant to be used. Game itself is not important, you could have made some other e.g. labyrinth and dungeons of some kind. But the mental aspects as you approach it bodes well with the needs of the players and the spiritual concepts behind the squares.

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