Who benefits from so-called Jihad?

Salaam Sayyidi and Salaam to all respected members

Today I was watching a coverage on ‘London Terror Attack at Westminster’ on youtube. I could not scroll down the comments since there was far too much hate speech and unspeakable words against the muslims although the investigaton have not started yet. It seems that to the West ‘Any terror attack=Muslim’.

I was wondering when did this all started? This so called Jihadi movement? Who arms them, fund them and train them? Who benefits from them? It is all a political game, isn’t it? If imperial giants like The USA, Russia, and others really wanted them to be uprooted and wiped out with their super military resources, how could these handful of brainwashed men possibly stand a chance?

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  1. Salaam Shakir

    We normally do not go around these discussions, but for now a few things for you to know, since you are very young and history is several time rewritten since you were born.

    I do not have time to properly edit this.

    Back in 50s all the way to 70s, in what we call Middle East today, there was no interest in religion. Most Arab and Iranian activists were left oriented Marxists or Communists or some flavor as such. Turks were legally punishing men wearing beard and they were boiling in their ultra-nationalistic juices.

    Best thing for you to do is go to a microfiche library and read the journals of the time period.

    A change occurred when Soviets invaded Afghanistan, Americans started spreading ideas about Jihad and Islamic Holy War:


    Americans needed the locals to fiercely fight the communist spread. It was not clear that they would.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski or someone like him put together a new IDEOLOGY with scent and taste of Islam, which was JIHAD-centric, but was not Islam. It was a violent new religion that suited as an impassable blockage to spread of Soviet communism.

    Americans never had the savvy nor the education to come up with such ideas, I suspect that British minds or some European minds with strong intelligence background concocted this NEW VERSION OF ISLAM.

    Around late 70s there were noticeable disappearance of some Muslim students in US, rumored then confirmed now recruited and trained as intelligence assets by the Americans seemingly being students in USA.

    These went back to Middle East for collecting intelligence and many actually conducted operations.

    By mid 80s Soviet Union collapsed! Surprisingly much faster than Americans anticipated.

    The communist Rusky boogeyman was gone and at that over night without a trace!

    I suspect some think tanks at Pentagon had to invented a new boogeyman over night to justify the largest military infrastructure in human history i.e the America’s.

    Well suited to right wing Christians and Jews was that of Brzezinski’s violent Mujahideen now re-branded as terrorist Jihadis.

    But to what end? What practical purposes that would play? Answer: Follow the money:

    Collapse of US dollar was expected in 80s, many Americans believed the US economy will suffer a crash and US dollar free fall, since there was no Gold standard backing for US dollar!

    So how could you convince the investors to invest in the largest financial markets of the world (Wall Street) and tech start ups?

    You make them believe that it is the other economies that are falling apart and yours i.e. the US will prevail thanx to strong dollar.

    Gulf wars and all what you have seen since your birth have occurred to make sure US dollar does not free fall.

    Saddam Hussein and Ghaddafi both had the Gold reserves and both proposed a new currency with Gold standard backing. Both were killed. President John F. Kennedy was killed because he was going to bring back the Gold standard to US dollar and economy.

    Meanwhile EU economies e.g. Germany’s and Russian and Chinese economies flourished against the propagated myth of the “Islamic boogeyman coming to get your money and land”.


    1. What you see and know of religion of Islam is fabricated by the Americans and some of their allies, we are not really Muslims; we are adherents to the new religion Americans created but calling it same name as Islam.

    2. Same fate for Sufism, what you see and hear of Sufism is American innovative publishing and entertainment for yet another flowery version of Islam.

    3. Jihad as you know it is the innovation of Zbigniew Brzezinski and his gang of thinkers and has nothing to do with religion of Muhammad.

    4. What of Islamic literature you read online or in bookstores is mostly financed by the CIA’s disinformation programs.

    One of the reasons I started writing as you know of, was to pioneer Open Source Islamic literature with 0 financing from any source. Therefore the Muslim writer is true to his/her words and beliefs, as opposed to an employee of some organization following some party line.

    What you and I know or do of Islam has nothing to do with the religion of the person called Muhammad of Makka 14 centuries ago.

    We are practicing a new religion, suitable for American expansionism and her economic endeavour. This is the faintest truths we can fathom knowing for sure.


    1. Thank you sayyadi for this invaluable analysis, the like of which I have not seen elsewhere, nor could I do it myself. So it is an inspiration.

  2. Salaam Sayyidi

    Thanks for your response. It is so sad and frustrating to know how they implanted a fake IDEOLOGY and the massacre and destruction it created.

    I remember there was always a history subject every year in school. We used to read the history of the entire Indian Subcontinent. So many kings, empire after empire and then the British came, partition of India and Pakistan, and Pakistan and Bangladesh and so on. And guess what? There was no trace of the word ‘Jihad’ and there were no single recorded incident of Jihadi movement, all the way back to 1700s. Yes there used to be clashes between religions, but those were usual skirmishes among their own. No one ever imagined killing people of other religion is a virtuous deed.

    So is there any chance of wiping out this false religion and bringing back the original one?

    1. Salaam Shakir

      For as long as America is the way it is we are going to worship this religious falsehood. But I feel that is going to change very soon.

      This year, 2017, is the year when everyone’s true faces will be exposed.

    2. The question: So is there any chance of wiping out this false religion and bringing back the original one?
      Difficulty: I have struggled with this question for a long time. The USA intervention into Islam is relatively recent. There have been other interventions. Too many during the over 1400 years time span. Some by non-Muslims and some by Muslims. Is it possible to undo all this filtering? Especially when we do not even know all the filters that have been applied to Islam?
      Now bringing back the original Islam means undoing all the filtering. Is it even possible? My struggle seems to answer the question in the negative. The closest to that that I have seen among the existent Islam is the one I have seen on this forum. But how close is this? For what it is, I am so happy that God created Dara.

  3. Salaam Sayyidi

    I hope it changes soon.

    This year? Any particular reason for that?

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